Fixed Cost Ultra-Fast Broadband for Education

EduNet is a high-speed dedicated fibre network that provides quality unmetered internet access, both domestic and international, for schools and other Educational Institutes throughout New Zealand. EduNet is available over the Vector Fibre Network, UFB and RBI network providing access in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch with further network expansion planned.

Schools and Educational Institutes have been connecting to EduNet over the Vector Communications fast fibre optic network since 2007.

How it works

EduNet is delivered using either the established VectorFibre MetroetherNet service, UFB or RBI and offers completely open connectivity between institutions and their users. With access speeds of up to 1Gbps, EduNet connects educational institutions and Content Providers to each other for rapid, cost effective collaboration.
Content Providers include Libraries, Universities, TV3, e aTTle, eTV and a number of data centers. Content is delivered purely over fibre, not using legacy technologies such as copper. Fibres outstanding throughput moves the goal posts for multimedia delivery, and at the same time reduces the overall bandwidth costs which is passed back to schools.
EduNet Internet offers schools a choice of flat-rate bandwidth up to 1 Gbps.

EduNet Benefits

What's in it for PTEs?

PTEs with EduNet Internet get unmetered access to:

  • EduNet content
  • Other schools
  • The internet
with fixed billing to remove bill anxiety. Don’t worry if your school doesn't have internal IT staff - we can explain things in easy to understand terms and provide robust support for EduNet.

Ultra-Fast Guide to Why You Should Choose EduNet

For a free guide for Ultra-Fast Broadband for schools click here.

EduNet Standard
Ultra-Fast Broadband for education with low contention and no data caps

Customer Testimonials

"Fibreplus offers very good support. We have been working with Mike who was competent and had the technical knowledge about the internet. He really took us through everything and made me understand what was going on. I would definitely recommend Fibreplus. They are very professional."
Paul Murphy, Principal Kedgley Intermediate
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"Having EduNet means that at any one time we are able to have around 2000 devices accessing the Internet simultaneously."
Mark Quigley, Deputy Principal , Orewa College

"Suddenly our students have a world of knowledge at their fingertips, delivered instantly, in rich detail. EduNet provides the best platform to learn, create and share, using high-quality online resources."
Daniel Wilson, Deputy Principal, Manurewa High School


EduNet PTE Package Pricing

EduNet Plus
Ultra-Fast Broadband for educational with no contention and no data caps

EduNet Plus is specially designed for large schools have a lot of students and require high speed premium internet. EduNet Plus offers the same benefits as EduNet but removes contention to provide direct connectivity with the internet. Your school is the only user of the bandwidth!


EduNetPlus PTE Package Pricing

EduNet Hub

National coverage for multi site schools

Does your PTE have multiple sites? With EduNet Hub you only need one internet connection and EduNet Hub to network all your sites together.

What is EduNet Hub?

An education network (IPVPN) solution which connects education providers, such as PTEs and schools with multiple locations to each other, their suppliers and the internet.

How Does EduNet Hub Work?

Vector Communication supplies the core network:
- Nationwide coverage
- Uses different access methods to connect customer premises which suit you user requirements and budget

EduNet IP HUB Pricing

More Questions?

Click here to be taken to our FAQ on EduNet, everything you wanted to know and more.
Or feel free to call one of our helpful staff on 0800 EDUNET (0800 338 638)

Low to No Contention

* EduNet has a low contention ratio of 6:1 or less
* EduNet Plus offers no contention for schools that require this level of connectivity

Keeping Control

* All Fibreplus packages have no data caps for peace of mind billing, with no nasty surprises at the end of the month.
* With EduNet you get a solution customized for your school
* Costs are under control – EduNet offers flat rate charging
* You choose bandwidth and access speed and can change this whenever you want
* EduNet won’t lock you in – 1 year minimum contract period only

Reliability & Quality

* EduNet is not a re-badged consumer service, it is specially designed to be dedicated to the Education market
* Vector Communications is part of Vector, one of the largest owners and managers of multi-network infrastructure in NZ
* The staff at FibrePlus are professional EduNet UFB specialists

Future Proof

* Connection flexibility and capacity means decisions made today are not restricting your options tomorrow

Ultra-High Speed

* EduNet gives schools unmetered access to rich content, educational services and national internet at up to 1 Gbps, with EduNet Internet at up to 100 Mbps

ICT Savings

* Schools can control their ICT spending with flat-rate charging, and have the option to effectively outsource services to the Cloud for further savings

Experience & Collaboration

* EduNet has been connecting schools over our Fast Fibre Optic Network since 2007
* EduNet offers and facilitates collaboration between schools to improve the online learning experience
* Our peering network allows you to add rich content and educational services directly onto our network and link to services such as e-TV and MS office 365

Compliments other Networks

* EduNet works alongside other education networks, which means connecting EduNet now does not prevent your schools adding other educational networks as they come on-stream

National Coverage

Fibre solutions where possible utilise the Vector network for speed and quality. Vector has an established presence in the major centres in NZ. For further reach we can also deliver solutions on the UFB network

Certified Partner

Fibreplus is a certified EduNet Partner