WAN Solutions

For more than just a simple internet connection, catering for multiple sites in the same city or nationally and extending to express routes to cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and AWS. Fibreplus has a range of solutions to cater for your business requirements.

Our product range includes IP-HUB and Intelligent networks and caters to all budgets with a simple monthly cost. With access to back haul services and point to point connectivity we provide a multitude of options.

Intelligent Networks

SD-Wan re imagined to provide a robust wan solution for single or multiple sites without the need to invest in hardware.

Intelligent Networks is a fully managed service that enables you to connect your customers to your data centre or cloud services with a focus on the performance of their applications. The service continually evaluates traffic and assigns network resources in order to maximise the performance of your most important applications.

With a wide range of deployment scenarios, you can choose between options starting from adding a single site to your existing IPVPN network, right up to building entirely new networks using Intelligent Networks.

With a fully managed service, you can choose any of the options independently for each site so that you can match the solution according to the requirements and pay-as-you go without large capital investments.

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  • Application Aware

    Use all available links as an aggregate with a proven 99% up time. Evaluate each Link continuously, Identify Applications, Route according to application rules and best performing link.

  • Resilient

    Automatically switches over to the available link and uses both links when available. Balances load across for best performance and lowest cost.

  • Secure

    Firewall, SSL inspection, IPS, Web filtering, AntiMalware, Anti virus and Email filtering.

  • Quick to deploy

    Use your existing service provider next business day, while we arrange your new service(s).

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Cloud Link

Cloud Link is built on the Vector Fibre Network which is carrier grade, secure and reliable.
Connect your Public Cloud environment such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or other prominent public cloud providers.
Cloud link connects the public cloud to a private cloud such as an On-premise or Off-site data centre, seamlessly connecting between you Private, Public and MutliCloud Environments. Connect you your cloud environments in a Point-to-Point or Any-to-Any configuration.

  • Fully Redundant

    Our Cloud Link service is designed for full redundancy, with connectivity into the public cloud at two separate sites. This gives you peace of mind for your critical applications.

  • Secure

    Private network connectivity between your office and data centre which means you have much higher security levels than using the open internet.

  • Flexible connection to suit your cloud

    With connectivity to 40+ data centres in NZ and 2 data centres in Australia you can easily connect to the data centres you need.

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  • Right sized always

    It is quick and easy to add more, change the data centres or drop your connections as your cloud requirements change.

  • Control the Performance

    A private connection means you gt the full bandwidth at all times and not rely on variability of internet. This ensures that the network does not restrict your application performance.

  • Cost effective

    With lower charges on connections to your data centres, you are no longer restricted by low bandwidth connectivity.


IP Hub provides a core IPVPN service which knits together end user sites throughout New Zealand, enabling staff and applications to work as if they were in the same building.


Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet provides nationwide access to WAN connectivity between your sites, this could be active links or simple back-haul.