Fibreplus Direct

Your business can enjoy high performance un-contended business Internet access at a flat monthly rate. This gives you a superior Internet service and is ideal for large customers.
As a customer, you receive dedicated access to both international and domestic Internet with no limit on the total volume of traffic. The split between international and domestic traffic is irrelevant - you can use as much of any type as you like.


Fibreplus Direct has bandwidth options from 10mbps to 1000mbps along with Off Peak rates.
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Your Questions

You will need to consider you business hours usage, but can also include off-peak additional bandwidth for backup or after hours large file transfers.

Yes, we can supply additional static IP address ranges in blocks of 5, 13, 29, 61, 125 and 253 IP Addresses. E.g. if you need 8 additional IP's, you require the 13 IP Address block

Please let us know the number of IP addresses you require when requesting a quote.

Yes, for connection to both local and international data centres or cloud based apps Fibreplus Direct can reduce the latency and increase the performance of you internet experience.

Yes that's correct, Fibreplus Direct is a true un-contended service within New Zealand that connects you directly to the international gateway.

Fair to say, but hard to back up, not all un-contended services are equal. Check the finer details of the un-contended service you connect to, some ISP's have uncontended bandwidth to connect to them but not the internet. Un-contented bandwidth should be all the way to the international gateway hand over points. This is premium internet and comes at a higher price, be wary of "cheap" un-contended bandwidth you may not be getting what you pay for.

Yes, in many data centers in NZ and Australia with Vector Fibre connecting to AWS and Azure Data centers along with Local NZ data centers, providing unparalleled access to cloud based services on a direct secure link on the only network that provides QOS and meets the MEF rating.