Whether your business has a single office or multi-location, Fibreplus Internet Solutions provide the speed and reliability every business requires. With a dedicate network for business users only, InfiNet and DirectNet provide premium High-speed Internet for businesses.

How it works

Fibreplus can connect your business through the Vector Communication MetroEthernet Fibre Network or via EthernetReach to connect via the UFB network being rolled out by the Government.

You simply choose your access bandwidth 100Mbps or 1Gbps (only on the Vector Fibre Network) and then choose the internet bandwidth you require, you can take a conservative approach and choose low bandwidth to start with and mid contract you have the freedom to increase bandwidth as required or start with the bandwidth you know you require. We have 3 starter packs with common bandwidths at great prices and can provide pricing on other bandwidth combinations. All Fibreplus services have no data caps, low contention with reliable proven 99.99% uptime business grade internet on a dedicated network for business users.


Business grade contended internet packages

InfiNet is a contended Internet service which offers high performance business Internet access at a flat monthly rate. You can choose bandwidth required, and with no limit on the total volume of traffic, InfiNet is ideal to access cloud services and other Internet applications. And because it is delivered on our MetroEthernet or Ethernet Reach service, it is quick and easy to get.

The perfect staring point for a business upgrade from ADSL/VDSL or ISDN. High speed reliable internet packages with symmetrical upload and download speeds. InfiNet provides a low contention ratio of 10:1 or less, where as the industry standard is 20:1 to 50:1.

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Business grade internet packages with no contention

Your business can enjoy high performance business Internet access at a flat monthly rate with DirectNet. This gives you a superior Internet service and is ideal for large customers.
As a customer, you receive dedicated access to both international and domestic Internet with no limit on the total volume of traffic. The split between international and domestic traffic is irrelevant - you can use as much of any type as you like.

As an optional add-on, we offer is the DirectNet Off-Peak option. This gives additional bandwidth access to the Internet during off-peak hours. (6pm - 8am Monday to Friday & From Friday 6pm to Monday 8am)

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