Fibre Plus Business Plans

Fibreplus Starter

  • 100 mbps Bandwidth Up and Down
  • Low Contention
  • 1Static IP Address
  • FreeDDOS Protection
  • MonthlyUnlimited Data
  • FreeBusiness Hours Support

Fibreplus Super

  • 200 mbps Bandwidth Up and Down
  • Low Contention
  • 1Static IP Address
  • FreeDDOS Protection
  • MonthlyUnlimited Data
  • FreeBusiness Hours Support

Fibreplus Max

  • 1 gbps Bandwidth Download
  • 500 mbps Bandwidth Upload
  • Low Contention
  • 1Static IP Address
  • FreeDDOS Protection
  • MonthlyUnlimited Data
  • FreeBusiness Hours Support
If you would prefer to speak with someone about your requirements, please call 0800 338 638 or email us
We also provide additional IP Addresses, non-contended internet, WAN connectivity and VOIP/SIP
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Intelligent Networks

SD-Wan reimagined to provide a robust WAN solution for single or multiple sites without the need to invest in hardware.

Intelligent Networks is a fully managed service that enables you to connect your customers to your data centre or cloud services with a focus on the performance of their applications. The service continually evaluates traffic and assigns network resources in order to maximise the performance of your most important applications.

With a wide range of deployment scenarios, you can choose between options starting from adding a single site to your existing IPVPN network, right up to building entirely new networks using Intelligent Networks.

With a fully managed service, you can choose any of the options independently for each site so that you can match the solution according to the requirements and pay-as-you go without large capital investments.

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  • Application Aware

    Use all available links as an aggregate with a proven 99% up time. Evaluate each Link continuously, Identify Applications, Route according to application rules and best performing link.

  • Resilient

    Automatically switches over to the available link and uses both links when available. Balances load across for best performance and lowest cost.

  • Secure

    Firewall, SSL inspection, IPS, Web filtering, AntiMalware, Antivirus and Email filtering.

  • Quick to deploy

    Use your existing service provider next business day, while we arrange your new service(s).

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Fibreplus Direct

Fibreplus Direct provides un-contended business grade bandwidth from your business to the international gateway providing a superior internet experience where required for business critical services and low latency requirements such as VOIP and international cloud services and data centers.

Both large enterprises and small & medium companies understand the need for business grade fast, high quality and reliable internet services.

With bandwidth options from 10 mbps to 1gbps along with after hours rates, you can tailor Fibreplus Direct to your needs with options such as after hours bandwidth increase for better value.

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"Dispelling the Myths for Fibre Internet for Business"

Mike Wemyss, Technical director at Fibreplus gives us some handy advice on - What does 'Ultra-Fast' mean and why do we need it and how will you connect?

  • Why the need for speed?
  • The problem with ADSL
  • So how you get Fibre?
  • Fibre contentious too / Costs

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Why choose Fibreplus


With a proven 99% uptime and 2 weeks advance notice on scheduled maintenance we provide unparalleled reliability.

Business Grade

Why settle for consumer broadband for your business, Fibreplus provide business grade fibre for superior performance.

Fixed Price

All Fibreplus internet packages have unlimited data and a fixed monthly price, this provides certainty with no surprises.

National Reach

We are able to deliver fibre internet through the VectorFibre or UFB networks throughout New Zealand.

Future Proof

Fibreplus provide longterm solutions with flexibility to increase your bandwidth as your business or requirements grow.


Low contention 10:1 or no contention. Other ISP's don't declare their contention ratios as they are much higher.

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